WE Knife Collaboration

Currently im am doing a collaboration with WE Knife Company on my design the Ferox (latin: Untamable). This design, meant to serve as tactical hard use knife for "real men", is translated in a production version by WE Knife, to make it possible for more knife enthusiasts to get one of my designs.

The introduction will be during Bladeshow 2018 and for Europe during Bladestock 2018 (in The Netherlands). During both shows the WE Knife Ferox will be available with an introduction discount. Dealers will be supplied after july 2nd 2018.

It is also possible to get a Ferox modified by me. I will only do a small amount. Prices will vary between € 475 € 650,- depending on the modifications i have to do. Be sure to visit my booth at Bladeshow or Bladestock.